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What Is A Spirit Safe? — The Whiskey Wash

If you’ve visited distilleries in Europe, or even some here, you might have heard of the “spirit safe.”It sounds like something you might want if you’ve got teenagers living in your house, and in a way, that’s why it was invented in the first place – only instead of teenagers, it was designed to keep…

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Bill Thomas, the owner of Jack Rose Dining Saloon, is on the hunt for rare whiskeys – The Washington Post

“Hold this,” Bill Thomas whispers as he hands me a bottle of Macallan 18-year scotch that he’s just plucked off the top shelf at a liquor store in Hagerstown, Md. “We’ll talk about it in the car.”

A peanut-sized dust bunny lands in his beard, but he’s too excited to notice.

He grabs three other bottles of whiskey and checks out. Including the $199 bottle of Macallan, the total comes to $660. His girlfriend, Brittany Garrison, a local publicist, and I follow him to the car, which is relatively tidy save for a vintage ceramic decanter clinking around in the back seat.

“This is absolute gold to me,” he bursts out once we’ve shut our doors. “I’m literally overjoyed right now.”

Garrison pulls out her iPhone and searches for “Macallan 18, vintage 1988” on a website that appraises alcohol.

“OK, in 2013 it went for … holy s—!” Garrison says. “Well, this was in Hong Kong. Which is interesting because Asia has started purchasing a lot of American whiskeys in the past couple of …”

“Are you going to tell us or what?” Thomas asks.

“$1,840,” she says.

“I can’t believe this is the first store we hit, and this is what we found,” Thomas says. “Let’s go. It’s already a really good trip.”

Jack Rose Dining Saloon, Thomas’ bar in Adams Morgan, housesmore than 1,800 bottles of scotches, bourbons and ryes, making it one of the largest retailers of whiskeys in the Western Hemisphere. That’s still a nip compared to Thomas’ private stash of 4,000 bottles that he stores at his Northwest D.C. home….follow the link for more

Source: Bill Thomas, the owner of Jack Rose Dining Saloon, is on the hunt for rare whiskeys – The Washington Post

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Jack Rose Dining Saloon | Washington, DC

If you’re in the D.C. area let me know if you’ve been here. It calls to me!

Jack Rose Dining Saloon | Washington, DC

Source: Jack Rose Dining Saloon | Washington, DC

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Lagavulin 8 Year Old is forthcoming as part of the 200th Anniversary celebrations

Whisky Gospel

Although we’re only in February, a special event in London was held earlier this month to nark the start of the 200th anniversary celebrations of Lagavulin Distillery. From what was revealed on the internet, they had a taste of a new, special but non Feis Ile bottling which was told to be very good, but no further details were revealed till now due to embargo.

However, a new Lagavulin label was revealed on the American Federal TTB site – a 8 Year Old Lagavulin, presumably bottled at 48%:
lagavulin 8 200th anniversary front

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News: New Whisky Releases 2016 Week 5

News: New Whisky Releases 2016 Week 5

The Whiskyphiles

News: New Whisky Releases 2016 Week 5

This weeks new whisky releases feature some new (to us) Independent bottlers. Of particular note the Single Malts of Scotland range from Speciality Drinks look on the face of it to be great value, well aged, single cask, cask strength examples that put some of the other bottlers to shame when comparing prices! Other than St George’s triple-distilled cask strength (Chapter 17) our recommendation this week is the 24 year old Longmorn from Speciality Drinks.


Barry @ The Whiskyphiles

Berry Bros & Rudd


Glen Spey 14 Year Old 2000 (cask 262) (Berry Bros. & Rudd)

70cl, 46% £56.21

Islay Reserve Blend (Berry Bros. & Rudd)

70cl, 46% £91.34

Douglas Laing


Mortlach 11 Year Old 2004 (cask 10968) – Old Particular (Douglas Laing)

70cl, 48.40% £52.83

Edinburgh Whisky

New Town Blends – The Advocates Batch

70cl, 43% £33.00

Gordon & MacPhail


Macallan 1970…

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Greenbar Distillery Expands Distribution of Slow Hand Six Woods Whiskey | Bourbon & Oak


Greenbar Distillery today announced the launch of SLOW HAND Six Woods whiskey into nation-wide distribution. The 11-year-old craft distillery, which specializes in full-flavor spirits and bitters, has been tinkering for the last five years with a technique to add more interesting flavors to whiskey without going beyond the confines of grain, wood and time. It thinks it’s ready now to introduce its unorthodox creation to a broader audience.

SLOW HAND Six Woods Malt starts out as a familiar, 100% barley malt whiskey. Where Greenbar makes a giant departure from the norm is in aging its whiskey. Since whiskey gets most of its flavor from wood, the company decided to broaden its whiskey’s flavor by using six different species of tree to age SLOW HAND. French white oak serves as the wood for the 1,000 and 2,000 gallon vats the whiskey sits in, while five other woods give it additional depth and complexity.

“Forests are full of delicious trees,” said Greenbar co-founder and spiritsmaker Melkon Khosrovian. “Just because all of them can’t be turned into leak-proof barrels doesn’t mean whiskey lovers should be denied their flavors. That would be like ice cream makers forcing everyone to eat only vanilla!”

To bring these new flavors into whiskey making, Khosrovian and his co-founder and wife Litty Mathew tested more than 30 wood species before settling on five whose flavors worked best with the familiar vanilla and spice of white oak. Hickory adds notes of plum while maple, mulberry, red oak and grape bring in hints of butterscotch, currants, clove and perfumed black tea, respectively. Greenbar buys its barrels from France and seasons and toasts large staves of the additional woods in house.

SLOW HAND Six Woods Malt and its rarer, fiercer sibling, Six Woods Cask, will start shipping to all fifty states this January. Suggested retail prices are $44.99 for the 84 proof 750ml bottle and $37.99 for the 115 proof 375ml cask strength.

LA-area whiskey lovers or visitors can tour Greenbar and see how the distillery makes SLOW HAND whiskey. Reservations are available at

Source: Greenbar Distillery Expands Distribution of Slow Hand Six Woods Whiskey | Bourbon & Oak

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Rolling Out Our 100th Barrel At Rolling Thunder

Rolling Out Our 100th Barrel At Rolling Thunder

More from the Guys at Rogue!

It’s a proud day for us at Rolling Thunder Barrel Works. Head Cooper Nate Lindquist just finished Barrel #100, and our distiller Jake filled it with Dead Guy Whiskey to begin aging the spirit.

Nate and Barrel 100 Cooper Nate Lindquist and Rolling Thunder Barrel #100.

Reaching #100 is milestone for us, but it’s also important because it represents lots of hard work. Nate assembles, raises, toasts, hoops, crozes, hoops again, cauterizes, sands and brands each barrel – one at time. Most of the tools he uses are so old they could be museum pieces.

It took us 11 months to reach barrel #100. One of the big barrel factories out East can churn out that many barrels in just a few hours. But we didn’t start Rolling Thunder Barrel Works to be fast and efficient. We dedicated ourselves to reviving the slow traditions of artisan coopering, to craft our barrels by hand, using Oregon White Oak sourced from the Oregon Coast…

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